Here’s some guidance for you for the footage we’d love
(It will really make a difference)

Why do we need it?

When we create videos – there will always be lots of edit points. If you saw them all – it would look incredibly jumpy. A good edit will use additional footage to mask these edits, whilst the soundtrack continues underneath. Not only will it mask the edits – it’ll also make it more interesting to watch. We want to hold interest and lots of edits will do that.

This type of footage is called ‘cutaways’ or ‘b-roll’. If we were filming on-site- we’d spend a lot of time gathering b-roll footage. Sadky that’s not an option for us – so we wanted your help.

It will only take you a few minutes – and it can make a huge difference to the finished product.

If it’s not possible – then we will likely use footage of your customer’s website or your website as appropriate.

What to use

Your phone! – any phone will be great.

Make sure the scenes are reasonably light and you are shooting in landscape mode – ideally in 16:9 (as opposed to 4:3).

Try to move the phone a little or keep the phone static and have people move. Try to keep the phone as steady as possible as you move. We can iron this out – but the better the input – the better the output!

We will never use the audio from your footage – it will be the video element only.

How long should the footage be?

2-3 mins of footage – either as multiple clips or a single clip, would be amazing. Whilst we’ll probably only use about 30 seconds max – it’s good to have some options.

What should the footage be?

Here are some options (don’t feel you should capture everything!)

  • External office shots (particularly of any signage)
  • Internal office shots (hopefully tidy!)
  • Shots of people working at their desks (not revealing sensitive information)
  • Shots of people in a meeting, talking together (have some fun – but don’t make it look too staged!)
  • Shots of dashboards (not revealing sensitive information)
  • Anything else you can think of which portrays your business’s personality.

How should you get it to us?

Here’s the slightly tricky bit – getting video off phones to us.
We suggest you transfer the file from your phone to a cloud service – iCloud / Dropbox / Google Drive / One Drive and send us the sharing link via our contact us page. We’ll confirm back when received, so that you can remove the link.

The other option is to simply use WhatsApp – send your footage to Mark @ +44 7718 909731

As ever – any questions – just ask!

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